CheusiDawaTV Landmark: FidStyle Friday premiered today, 20th July (9:30 pm), on East Africa TV! Episodes to be repeated on Saturdays (2:30 pm) and Wednesdays (8:30 pm).

To commemorate the milestone, Fid Q takes it back to the STREETS.

Ujamaa Hip Hop Darasa is a newly founded non-profit project that puts focus on street children — currently working with 15 children who are normally found washing cars’ windscreens at the Ubungo Junction (along Mandela, Morogoro and Sam Nujoma Roads), in Dar es Salaam .

Hip Hop continues to be increasingly popular among the youth, and Tanzania is no exception. With opportunities scarce for the youth, especially for those living in high-risk environments, Hip Hop Darasa focuses on captivating their potentials, and engaging them on various social issues, via dialogues and Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Darasa’s approach of bridging rap lyrics and Hip Hop Culture to the street kids is unique in Tanzania. The children are taught about the pillars of Hip Hop, for instance writing lyrics and emceeing, the tools they use to express love, frustrations, etc.

The life skills lessons taught through Hip Hop Culture reflect Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere’s philosophy: “Binadamu hujikomboa na kujiendeleza mwenyewe; hawezi kukombolewa na kuendelezwa (A humanbeing liberates and develops himself; s/he can neither be liberated nor developed).”

The project has several objectives. Firstly, to help these children see themselves as members of the society that will later count on them. Secondly, to lift their self-esteem, so they can realize their talents. Thirdly, is to nurture them to become critical thinkers. Therefore, with new found confidence, they can again pursue their dreams.

Now, meet Chikolo, Kevi, Strongman, J-Pongo, Koyo, Santo, Sura Mbaya and the rest of the crew!

For more info about how one can support the project, drop Churchill Shakim (the founder and the peer-educator) a line via: wchachi (at) gmail (dot) com or ujamaahiphop (at) gmail (dot) com

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