Fidstyle Friday Week 25 with Kadgo

Lighting strikes twice. So does Kad Go! Having used well his minute-of-fame in an earlier cypher with the Mecco-South crew, Kad Go comes again with a dope lyrical delivery for Tanzanian Hip Hop fans. In this set he spits raps mostly addressed to Tanzanian youth who need awakening. This theme aptly remixes what fellow Mecco-South MC Malle addressed in the single Kawaambie Madogo. With mellow beats by Ender, Duke Tachez and Mujwahuki, Kad Go laments the plight of the walalahoi in bars like “…tumeundiwa tume, tume zimeundiwa kamati“. On each occasion he ”intercepts” at “point X comma Y” with ‘Y’ being any number (of MCs?) and ‘X’ as zero (0), giving you that 2012-till-infinity type of gradient-flow.

Within the set Fid Q provides a classic dialogue delivery as they discuss various matters on TZ Hip Hop culture, Fan-aticism, and fluidity in support (or lack there-of) for Hip Hop and Bongo Flava music. We also get a sneak-peek of what to expect from Fid Q’s upcoming LP KitaaOlojia. Check the episode after the jump.

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