Fidstyle Friday week 26 with Cliff Mitindo

Up town Magomeni aka Migo Migo. Most would argue that every bit of Dar is definitely represented there — that is, Magomeni has got everything Dar es Salaam as a city has to offer. People always on the grind, unemployed youth hustle whichever way they can, non-residents pass by with their cars or on public transport with ‘windows closed’! An up-and-coming artist, Cliff Mitindo, reflects, “Bahati is on vacation, gundu is on patrol!”

But, if you know the ways well, Migo Migo is the place to be, especially in the evenings. Everything — yes, Every Thing — is available at a reasonable price.

The Migo Migo cocktail of various walks of life has made Cliff Mitindo unique on his own way, with lots of stories to tell, and now he’s convinced he would soon be “eating beats and shi**ing Bongo hits!” The FidStyle Friday host sees similarities between Cliff and a certain emcee whose arrival has been a breath of fresh air in the game.

Watch out.

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One Comment

  1. […] ya Cliff Mitindo kuwakilisha Migo Migo, wiki iliyofuata ilikuwa ni ya mkongwe JCB. Wanaomfahamu vizuri JCB nadhani watashauri ujiandae […]

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