Fidstyle Friday week 27 with JCB

JCB!.. Caution: You should be ready for that A-Town raw Hip Hop flow. Mr. Ukisikia Paa is bringing that energy of a fired bullet onto FidStyle Friday. JCB needs little introduction, due to his longevity in the game. As Mejah Mbuya (of Wachata Crew) says, JCB has been holding down the fort at Kijenge Juu since 1996, making sure The Roots remain grounded.

JCB takes time to spit the original verse from “Ukisikia Paa!”, but on a different beat. Apart from the FidStyle, JCB uses the opportunity to discuss his and Watengwa‘s upcoming projects. Also, he briefly talks about S.U.A. project — be on the lookout for more details when CheusiDawaTV crew visits Kijenge Juu and interviews Daz Naledge.

Enjoy the street ride… Some fascinating stories. Charisma, confidence and presence.

More on JCB and Watengwa:


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  1. Johnson marufu KIMANDA(SANDE) October 22, 2012 at 5:55 am

    kijana wangu wa Kijenge Juu unatisha mbayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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