Fidstyle Friday week 28 with Godzilla

If the monster Godzilla breaking of freestyles instead of buildings wasn’t enough to cause an earthquake on FidStyle Friday, the presence of freestyling Fid Q definitely did it. On this episode, FidStyle Friday turns into a boxing ring, as Godzilla and Fid Q exchange rhymes, punch for punch.

Godzilla who impressively represented Salasala, with his ability to freestyle off the dome and still make sense, with some humor in his rhymes, only further legitimized his throne as King Zilla. Is he similar to 50 Cent? Hear what Bil Tha African has to say… I will let you be the judge. Intimidated, you should, because the story he tells about Salasala in his lyrics, even Fid Q himself compared the images to Soweto.

There will be no time to take a breather, as the energy lit the mic thanks to Godzilla and Fid Q who kept the fire burning till the end.

More on Zilla:

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