Fidstyle Friday Week 30 with Nikki Mbishi

On this episode, FidStyle Friday is celebrating its 30th episode anniversary with Nikki Mbishi. The emcee who woke up everyone to this movement with his crows. Nikki Mbishi starts by rapping his classic Sauti ya Jogoo single. The relevance of this single is as crucial as the importance of Jogoo in our society, the same way FidStyle Friday is. This King of the underground mainstream briefly explains how realism in Hip Hop, and the artists who embrace it in their lyrics, sets them apart and contributes to their longevity.

Nikki Mbishi’s FidStyles critique our society and the rap game, including those who play it. Nikki, who is not short of bars and punchlines that are provoking, is both thoughtful and controversial. He tells us, how [they] want to slaughter this Jogoo and eat him, but the emphasis is on ‘they’. Who are these ‘they’? Nikki leaves you to ponder, if he’s rapping about the crocked politicians, or his fellow emcees who are actors.

But, isn’t working off imagination through a created character part of creativity?

In the end, Nikki Mbishi has a candid conversation with Fid Q about his thoughts on Hip Hop, artists, and his place in this perfect storm of Bongo Hip Hop. Ever heard of Drosophila melanogaster? Well, Nikki explains what it is, and why he is exactly that.

Enjoy the episode, and make use of the rewind button to capture Nikki’s wordplay (Hata ukiwa na mvi Shirazi unahitaji Afro)!!

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